Domina Nana's Visit to Hong Kong!

Hello, our royal members!

Domina Nana will be in Hong Kong between Sunday 14th and Tuesday 16th May.
Please ask us via email if you'd like to know the detailed information.



Refreshed Our Pinterest's Gallery Board

We just renewed our Pinterest's "Gallery" Board.
It looks so gorgeous when we lay out all those pictures!

You can see the board from the link below.

Domina Lum will Leave La Siora

We need to let you all know domina Lum will leave La Siora at the end of this month. She will take a day off on Sunay 30th so her regular final day is Monday 24th.
This is a very short notice but this is her will. She doesn't want to make a sad and wet moment, she wishes to make a quick and light (if you met her you know how she is).

Her sister is having a baby but she is under some medical treatment, so our domina Lum will help taking care of the baby! Let's wish her the best being a mom!


l joined FB By Domina Murasaki

I just joined Facebook.
Murasaki Haruan.(紫 春晏)
Find me in FB😉✨✨

Quoted from MURASAKI's Views


We started Pinterest !

We started our official account on Pinterest.
We will publish the photos of our dominas, please check this page!