Domina Saki's New Portrait!

Another happy news for you all, we updated domina Saki's new photos!
It's been over a year since she joined us but her fresh charms remains the same. This time she is in her regular clothes, not cotsumes, they really highlights her clean beauty and sharp, illuminating eyes. Can't you see?
If you like what you see, check out her photos from the link;

Our producer Rie Asagiri wrote about her in her blog(in Japanese)


Domina Shinju appears on Main menu page

We updated the main menu page of our website.
The top photo is our Excellent domina Shinju whom we love and respect.

    The crimson roses and dress
  The garnet nails and lip
  The black laces, long hair, corset and gorgeous legs with high heels

This aesthetic and dignified worldveiew about BDSM is distinctive of Shinju-sama, isn't it?

What you seek for will be beyond this door...


Domina Iris Now Started Her Own Sessions!

Hi everyone,

We know you've been waiting for this, are we right? Domina Iris started her own sessions and her regular schedule is confirmed.
Have you already checked her blog? It is written in English, Spanish and Japanese. She just started it so keep checking for the updates!

Between her own appointments she is still available for joining your session for free, as a part of her training. Please let us know if you are interested when you make an appointment.

Domina Iris's Regular Schedule:
Friday: 13:00-21:00
Sunday: 13:00-20:00


Domina Iris's Portrait (and more) is Uploaded!

We are glad to show you our just-finished photos of baby domina Iris!
We also created her profile page.

Hurry check her beautiful photos from the link below.
She can speak English and Spanish. Please let us know if you want her to join your session as a part of her training.




Estimado Señores by Domina Iris

Estimado señores.

Hola! Me llamo Iris. Nueva dominadora de la siora. Encantada.

No tengo mucha experiencia, pero me gustaría aprender y pasar buen tiempo contigo.

(Mi especialidad)
masaje próstata.

Pelo corto
Labio gorda

Espero que nos veamos pronto!

Un beso.