New Baby Domina has Joined!

Hi everyone,

We just welcomed a new baby domina. She hasn't picked her name yet so let us call her domina R.

She has long, light brown colored hair, 162cm tall, with a slender figure. We also noticed her silky voice. Overall, she is a feminine beauty you won't recognize she is a domina. But don't judge a book by its cover, she has her sadistic instinct. She has a cheerful side and a dark side.

She loves travels and animals, and fantasizes about BDSM marriage! Actually it's not that fantasy-fantasy, she knows what it takes as she has experiences as a professional and also in private. Acting as a domina to fulfill the sub's fantasy isn't enough for her---but hey our lovely members, don't expect too much about the marriage thing!

As usual, she can join your session as a part of her training.
Please let us know when you make an appointment with our senior dominas.
So far, she will be available at the following dates;

May 27th(Sat): 15:00-22:00
May 28th(Sun): 15:00-22:00
May 31st(Wed): 15:00-22:00
June 1st(Thu): 15:00-22:00

Photos to come but it will take a while, so take this chance and see her!
We look forward to your contacts.


International day by Domina Iris

Hello all you masochisms and fetishisms.

I could have a wonderful time with 3 fetishisms today :) They all are not Japanese. It was international day for me. I'm afraid to say, I would like to refrain from writing down some details here. But I can say, each of us could indulge in really fetish time.

 I look forward to seeing you again.

〜A little story in our office〜
Our receptionist gave a sweets me and Domina Ruina. We shared that ;d

Quoted from Domina Iris's Blog いりこだし. She sometimes writes in English!


Beginners Guide to Japanese LOVE HOTEL

Hi our lovely readers, especially those who are new to our club, this one is for you.

We found a useful video that explains how to use "Love Hotel."

If you decide to have a session in a love hotel, you have two options; you can meet up with our dominas and choose a hotel together, or you can wait for your domina in the room. Sure, it's nice to choose a room together but sometimes it's exciting to wait for her arrival in a room alone, doesn't it? So here is a guide for you. Once you understand the system, most hotels have the same system so you are good to go!

How to use a Japanese LOVE HOTEL

Wanna know more to make sure you can get a room? You can check videos on our YouTube playlist, "Tokyo Love Hotels."


Baby Domina Iris's New Schedule

Hi our lovely members and fans,

Have you met domina Iris? She has beautifully muscular figure, and gorgeous smile, and most of all, she has that feeling that certain domina posses. If you haven't, it's a great opportunity to make an appointment because now she has longer hours than before!

Oh and she can speak English and Spanish. Another beutiful thing about her.

Domina Iris's New Schedule
Monday: 13:00-Last
Friday: 13:00-Last
Sunday: 13:00-Last


Domina Saki Leaving

We have a sad news today.
Our beautiful young domina Saki leaves at the end of May.
We wish she will have happiness and joy in her new life.

* We accept the booking requests from our members who have had a session with Saki before. We'd appreciate for your understanding.