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Hello our readers,

If you are following our Facebook account, this one is for you.
Sometimes we cannot update our Facebook due to their community standard. In such cases, you can see our updates with pictures from our Pinterest or Tumblr. 


New Portrait: Roca in black latex

We just uploaded some wonderful photos of domina Roca.
She is wearing two types of latex costumes on her new portrait.
If you'd love to see our beautiful dominatrix in black glossy latex,
please check HERE!


Domina Lena's new portrait plus some updates

Hi our readers,

Today let us show you new stunning portraits of domina Lena.
She is now a regular domina and you can see her grow in her new portrait. The new pictures has a little different taste from the past ones, you can't miss them if you are interested in having a session with her. We also updated her profile page with a new picture and new comments from her(it's written in Japanese).

Domina Lena's Portrait

Profile pate

One more updates.
We also changed the image of our website's main menu page with her new photo!
Two picutres from her portrait are featured. She looks beautiful in lavender.

Just a little tip from the receptionist.
We have been welcoming new members recently and for those who are new to La Siora, please keep your membership card AND remember your registered name.
We use your membership number and your name to identify your membership. In case you forgot your membership number or lost your card(this happens often), we can use your name to find your membership. If we can't find your membership, we would have to ask you to sign up again. So please, keep your card and remember your name.
If you are not confident about remembering your registered name, how about asking your domina to create your nickname? It would be nice and easy to remember;)


Reality and Fantasy By Ruiko

All masochists have been bothered by the reality between reality and fantasy at least once haven't they? I have too. But I think masochists are more bothered than dominas for physical reasons. I have heard many masochists say "Just watching is OK. Doing it myself for real is too hard. Now there is a lot of BDSM media that you can enjoy hard play more while just watching.

I often find the common points between fantasy and reality and close the gap between them. I like this work. Fantasy changes to reality. Fantasy is fun, and I think it's important. There are a variety of ways to relate it to reality.

But I know firsthand experiences impress us deeply. So I'm happy when I can realize our fantasies while feeling each other's humanity.


Movies of Tokyo Love Hotels

Hello, our royal members and wonderful fans.
We would like to introduce the movies about love hotel on YouTube.

Tokyo Love Hotels

How to use a Japanese LOVE HOTEL

These movies will be very helpful for you who have never used Japanese love hotels before.
Please watch them and know how to use love hotels :)